This is another post about a band that I really know very little about. I saw this sitting in my inbox and all that was attached was a track and a link to their website. I’m guessing iLL-iteracy are American and possibly from Virginia since their twitter page says ‘VA.’

But, where they are from is irrelevant. They are a four man hip-hop group made up of Chris Prythm, Rich White, Speek Eazy and Young Observe.

After listening to ‘Money’ off their new album The Ensembly Line I was impressed. For me, it sounds a little like they have provided a hip-hop remix of Solar Bears, who I like very much.

Listening to the rest of their album, which is available as a free download on their website, the influence of Kanye West is strong. But, for me, I’d say that is entirely a good thing. However, I should make it clear that they are not just Kanye West knock-off’s, the only reason I make this comparison is because they are not at all restricted in which genres they draw from, which makes for a much more fulfilling listening experience.

But, what clinches it for me is the vocals and lyrics. These guys manage to provide meaningful lyrics and deliver them in a way that engages the less experienced hip-hop listener, like me.

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2 thoughts on “iLL-iteracy

  1. iLL-iteracy's Rich Write says:

    Awesome review and I personally REALLY appreciate your feedback. I hope there are hundreds more like you, willing to give our particular brand of hip-hop a chance. These few but heartfelt words were extremely inspiring. (as I take a break from working on new production) Thank you very much and please continue to spread the word.

    Warm Regards

  2. Same here man thanks for taking the time to check us out and tell others how you feel. This is a great site that lets people who otherwise wouldnt know about the underground scene get to know of new artists.

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