True Womanhood: REEL TOO REAL

Now and again, I like to keep track of my babies and see how they are getting along in the big bad world and as a music blogger who’s probably at the bottom of the food chain, I quite like it when the bands I write about actually do something.

Anyway. When I last spoke of True Womanhood I mentioned that they were starting a new project called ‘REEL TOO REAL’ which basically saw them trying to make new tracks using live instruments and effect pedals and one of these bad boys.

This is the first track:

MINAJAH by truewomanhood

Kinda trance-y and similar too ‘Baptism’ by Crystal Castles, but inspired by the DC craze of Moombahton. Whatever it’s origins, I think it’s good.

And one other thing, Spurs are gonna get killed this Sunday.

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