Mums Of Death

So, Brighton’s King of Disco, Mumdance has teamed up with the King of Voodoo Disco, Drums Of Death to form the rather scarily named Mums Of Death. Maybe it’s a very clever way of subverting our preconceived ideas of mothers as the givers of life, or maybe they just shoved their two names together to make a new one. Who knows?

I happen to have seen both of these DJ before. I saw Mumdance at a VICE party almost two years ago now, and saw Drums Of Death DJ at a MySpace party on the same night as Kasabian, Delphic and Crystal Fighters. Both times were at Heaven, but I swear I’m not gay. Nothing wrong with that, mind.

Anyway, whatever it means, they’ve gone and made their very own EP, which I do believe is called Golden Axe. For my money, it’ll probably be all over clubs and possibly the charts given that the slow part sounds suspiciously like this, just less sax.

Cool video, though.

But, don’t do drugs. Or do, whatever, I’m not your mum.

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