Team Prolific

Hailing from Orlando, Florida, Team Prolific are made up of Neme, Flamez and Zin O.d. All three of them are strong on the mic, but each brings a different style, both with their lyrics and vocal delivery. That’s probably hip-hop/rap’s biggest advantage over pop and rock, that each member has such a clear and obvious impact on the music.

The latest release that they’ve put out is ‘Getting Down’ which is off their new EP ‘The Movement,’ which is out on iTunes by the way. This track, I’d say, must be among an extremely select group of hip-hop tracks to incorporate elements of futurism, which more than reminds me of SebastiAn, who is quite possibly my favourite DJ on the Ed Banger roster.

Back, to the track, it’s definitely one that should be big in the clubs, although I’d love to hear some bigger bass on it, with the fast lyrics and the odd synth that sounds like it may have escaped from Timbaland’s studio.

Although, I’d have to say that this is my favourite track, Star Slinger-ish but with new lyrics put on top.

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