The eagle-eyed and on the ball will have realised that is in fact not Thursday, or maybe it is, I don’t know when you’re reading this. But, what I can guarantee is that this has been posted a little late.

I also feel kinda bad that it’s just me telling you about something that someone else has written and already explained, thus totally rendering me useless. Basically, it’s a bit like a google search with a bit of tedious chit-chat from me that many may probably skip.

I shall persevere nonetheless, and point you in the direction of a few tracks that Eargasm Lodge shared over on VICE the other day.

(Hint: following that last link will take you to said tracks).

But, if you need a bit of an idea of what will be in store for you, then stay here for a few more seconds.

Dro Carey‘s track is kinda haunting and p’raps a little witch-house-y, maybe.

TEETH (aka Matti P from Helsinki, and not the Dalston dwelling ‘See Spaces’ making TEETH!!!)’s track is a remix, and is very de rigueur for those into post-dubstep for da club.

Fluker Love is 3 minutes of dreamy synths and incomprehensible moaning. Sounds nice, though.

Emay. Y’all probably already heard of this guy.

Harald Grosskopf‘s track really did blow my mind. Dreamier than Fluker Love. There’s probably an ‘Inception’ joke to make there.

Protect U‘s track unfortunately isn’t available to download, but it has a funky bass and has enough diversity to last the age that it does.

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