I’m going to have to admit that I found this guy by mistake and pure luck. I’d just put on the Teams vs. Star Slinger EP, and was thinking to myself, ‘damn, this is good.’ But, already knowing about Star Slinger, I went about looking up Teams, who was new to me.

Armed with the knowledge that Teams was American and relatively unknown, I found TEAMS, and seeing he was also a hip-hop and R’n’B influenced producer and he didn’t have a huge amount of Facebook ‘fans’ or Twitter ‘followers,’ I thought I’d found him.

Turns out it wasn’t who I was looking for, but I’m glad I managed to find him because he’s actually pretty good if you ask me, and since you’re here, I assume you are.

Like I said, this guy is a producer who makes some decent hip-hop and dubstep influenced music using a lot of samples and chopped beats. As a result, some of his own stuff, has a bit of darker sound than some of the other stuff out there.

But, he can cheer you up, too.

Also good.

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