Rightly or wrongly, when I think of Swedish music I generally think of uplifting and life-affirming pop, stuff in the vein of The Sound Of Arrows or jj. Maybe this is just because I, in actual fact, now eff all about Swedish music. So, when I came across MF/MB/, my flabber was well and truly gasted.

This huge electro-rock sound seemed more Shoreditch than Stockholm, but I definitely don’t regret giving them a listen.

Fast electronics and even faster guitars sure do make for my kind of music.

Their debut album, Folded came out last October now, which is an eternity on Internet years, but luckily for us, music doesn’t go off so you can still get it. What is more, you can listen to it all on Spotify, or even listen to a few tracks over on SoundCloud, so you’ve no excuse.

Even if that’s not your thing, check out their thoroughly bangin remix/cover of HEALTH‘s ‘USA Boys.’

P.S. Thanks to Alexander for the tip off by sending me this. Tis in Swedish, so you’ll have to tell me what it’s all about, apart from the fact that it is an interview with MF/MB/. I did manage to work that out by myself.

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