Christian AIDS

When I were a lad, I went to a Catholic school, so we were always #teamCAFOD and definitely not about helping them bloody heathens, or ‘Protestants’ as they like to call themselves, who supported Christian Aid. Looking back, I guess it wasn’t actually a competition, but if you’re a winner, you’re a winner. You just can’t help it. And looking back further, maybe running up to the Vicar and shouting, “f*cking what?! What? F*cking hell,” in the Vicar’s face when we raised the most money, was also a mistake. But, the suspension from school was over the top.

Anyway, Manchester’s very own Christian AIDS (a name unlikely to make it on Radio 1, but who wants to be there anyway?) is hot. Describing himself as ‘dubstep, electronica, chillwave and witch house,’ it’s hard to argue because while no track fits just the one gernre, they all have elements of said genres and it really is something exceptional.

The next release, ‘Stay +’ will be out on Double Denim Records and is available to pre-order and stream.

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One thought on “Christian AIDS

  1. […] band du jour, S.C.U.M have been given the full on Christian AIDS treatment with this remix of “Summon The Sound.” Or did they remix “Amber […]

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