The 1234 Review

Saturday was the day of The 1234 Festival in Shoreditch Park. Being my first outdoor music festival, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But, we got down there reasonably early I suppose, it was a nice day and it seemed like outside would be the place to spend most of it.

In the park, the atmosphere was pretty chilled and laid back, with most people just sitting on the grass in front of the Noisey/VICE stage. As I say, this made for a nice atmosphere to be in, but throughout the whole afternoon the music was just soundtracking a day out in the park.

As far as the music was concerned, I really liked the sound of what was coming out of the Dance Stage, especially when Dam Mantle was on, and the Rough Trade stage. Without a doubt, my favourite act was Echo Lake and I am definitely going to make sure I see them in full at Field Day next month.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay all day so we missed Black Lips and The Raveonettes, who I’m sure would have both been great to see.

Lastly, I can’t tell you about this without mentioning some of the outfits worn by my fellow festivaliers. Vice Style WAYW veteran Chaz was there, looking pretty much like he always does; one girl was wearing a leotard, tights, botts and a jacket; and there were more than a few people who had a bit of a Puritanical vibe going on.

But, words really can’t do it justice; it really is something you have to see. And you know what? I love it. Sure, you may look a back and laugh, but being young is about wearing stupid clothes and doing stupid stuff. It makes life a lot less boring and a bit more bearable.

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