Spanish Prisoners

If you’ve never gone through SoundCloud just looking for music, you won’t be aware that there is a lot of shit out there. For every track that makes it onto a blog, there’s probably at least 100 tracks that are total balls.

And so, it was with great trepidation that I set out listening to songs that were tagged ‘Psych.’ Unlike some genres, ‘Psych’ can vary wildly, when it’s done well it is mind blowing, hence the name, but when it is done poorly, it can make you lose a bit of faith in life. Up pops Spanish Prisoners and with one comment on track “Rich Blood” that simply read: “wow,” I thought they’d be worth a go.

It paid off. I wouldn’t say they were overtly ‘Psych.’ Without wishing to offend anyone, I’d probably say they have more in common with shoegazy and dreamy bands like Veronica Falls, who I enjoy very much I must add. But, what is a genre really? Music is music and if it’s good it’s good; the label on it doesn’t matter.

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