I feel like when I’m writing about someone that I have no information I can pretty much say whatever I like and just make it all up. Apparently, the first guy who blogged Vondelpark said that Vondelpark was a Dutch producer, not a lad from deepest Surrey.

Jeeks is someone I know nothing about, except that he/she/they are from London and that the music made under the Jeeks name is some tasty disco-funk. With a lovely mix of shimmering synths, a bit of slap bass and some Justice-esque choppping up, especially on the exceptional opening track “Wonderfunk.”

I really am liking this a lot right now, but for the next EP I’d love to see some more tracks break that 3 minute barrier and not have the tracks end with a fade-out. And also, on “Velvet,” I would have loved to have had something develop off that vocal sample that ends the track.

What is it they say, “those that can’t; teach?”

Great stuff, though, and you can have it for free!

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