I Break Horses

Somehow, I hadn’t heard of these guys until a few weeks ago. It was only after hearing what I know now to be “Hearts” a few times in the office and thinking, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph! This is awesome!” that I managed to finally pluck up the courage to say what it was, I hear so much that I’ve never heard before that it would just get embarrassing to ask every time, and it turned out to be I Break Horses, who make deliciously dreamy and shoegazy pop and, shock horror, are from Sweden.

Anyway, their album Hearts is out now and streaming on Spotify, but if like me you are kind of in love with it, have too few pennies saved up to buy it and refuse to illegally download, then I have good news: the absolutely barnstorming opening tracks “Winter Beats” and “Hearts” are still up on the Bella Union SoundCloud and available to download for free, if you haven’t got them already.

It may not be new or unheard of, but hey, it’s my blog, this is for me and should really just be documenting what I’m listening to and enjoying and not just writing about press releases I may get.

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