VICE Launch

After guiding our lives for the past __ years, VICE’s Dos & Don’ts have finally been compiled into one great big book, handily placing the best and worst of humanity (well, not really. Only in a non-serious way like when you say: “there’s nothing worse than standing in front of a group of people with a bone-on.” There are worse things.) in one place.

Parties are being thrown up and down the land.

There’s one tomorrow (at the time of writing it was Tuesday 27th September. Just) in Leeds, another on Friday in Brighton and the big one, at VICE’s party HQ at The Old Blue Last in London.

Them’s some pretty hot line-ups. I genuinely don’t know where I’d rather be, not considering regional differences in drinks prices and my dislike for all things Yorkshire. My, Mancunian, father brought me up proper, you see.

There you have it! You have no excuses not to go, and here’s why:

Brightonians: Friday is party day!

Londoners: Thursday is the new Friday!

Leeds-ites: Wednesday is the new Thursday!

♥ Mehdi

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