Kitsuné Club Night

Everyone that knows me (all 4 of them), will know that France is home to my favourite music and one of the main reasons for this is Kitsuné. Consistently releasing great compilations and signing some of the most exciting acts not just in France, but the world.

Another great thing about them, is that they sure do treat us right in London. With every new release, the Kitsuné band-wagon rolls into town for a night of great bands and DJ’s, plus the odd Hallowe’en and Easter party. With that in mind, you would have thought that I would be well acquainted with Kitsuné nights, but alas, circumstances have continuously conspired against me to deprive me of all the wonders on offer. Whether it be holidays, lack of funds or being a good Catholic boy (I can’t get out of being at home on Easter Sunday to go party! Sort it out guys.)

In 7 days, they will be back, and without doubt the most exciting names on that bill are The Twelves, a duo from Brazil who put out some amazing mixtapes, and the superb Miami Horror who I’m pretty excited to finally get to see in London.

Come down and join the party on Friday 14th October at XOYO!

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