Now, I’ve been sitting on this for a while now (that’s what she said! Whaddup!), and despite the 3 week delay I do really like this track from Blondfire, along with about 17000 other people it seems.

Blondfire are LA based brother and sister duo Bruce (a strong name) and Erica Driscoll who, if their press hot and single “Where The Kids Are” are anything to go by, combine the aesthetics of Oracular Spectacular MGMT with the sounds of The Naked And Famous, who have made one of my favourite albums of the year. So, it looks like they’re on to a winner!

“Where The Kids Are” is the first single from their forthcoming album Win The Game. Keep an eye out!

(SoundCloud doesn’t seem like it wants to embed so you’ll have to settle for a YouTube video, but if you’re not too lazy to click links and go to ANOTHER page, I know it’s difficult, you can listen HERE.)

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2 thoughts on “Blondfire

  1. Jennifer says:

    Sadly, I’ve become attached to this song a YEAR later!

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