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Is this good? I think I like it, but I think I listen to it too late at night when I’m tired and my judgement can’t be trusted.

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I feel like when I’m writing about someone that I have no information I can pretty much say whatever I like and just make it all up. Apparently, the first guy who blogged Vondelpark said that Vondelpark was a Dutch producer, not a lad from deepest Surrey.

Jeeks is someone I know nothing about, except that he/she/they are from London and that the music made under the Jeeks name is some tasty disco-funk. With a lovely mix of shimmering synths, a bit of slap bass and some Justice-esque choppping up, especially on the exceptional opening track “Wonderfunk.”

I really am liking this a lot right now, but for the next EP I’d love to see some more tracks break that 3 minute barrier and not have the tracks end with a fade-out. And also, on “Velvet,” I would have loved to have had something develop off that vocal sample that ends the track.

What is it they say, “those that can’t; teach?”

Great stuff, though, and you can have it for free!

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Today’s musical offering comes to you straight out of Pittsburgh, home of some ice-hockey playing penguins and as far as I’m aware, nothing else. Except of course for Lohio.

Their new EP Family Tree is a mix of some really innocent and sunny arrangements, that you immediately fall in love with, and some grander and more sweeping tracks that are a little Arcade Fire-esque, but you may not have heard of them so you may want to disregard that last comment.

While their overall sound obviously is not yet as grand as that, due to their relative obscurity, their more toned down and somewhat improvised take on this sound is still very impressive and charming.

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Crash Avenue Comp Series: Future Clowns

Listen up guys and gals. The really cool guys from Crash Avenue have put together a pretty special compilation for everyone this February and you can listen to it right here, via Bandcamp.

It’s got a few pretty dreamy numbers on there, which is always excellent, and hopefully a lot of new great stuff you’ll want to find out more about.

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