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Noisey Special Engagement in Paris

Does anybody fancy going to gay Paree?

If you do, and you’d also quite like to see the hypercool French musician and creative visionary Woodkid at this little ol’ place called The Eiffel Tower; then prick up those little ears of yours and read on.

Hang on, wait, that doesn’t make sense.

This is all part of Noisey’s Special Engagements series where fans control the show, similar to that thing what they did in London with The Rapture.

This engagement with Woodkid has three parts:
1) Meet Woodkid at the top of the Eiffel Tower
2) Win a personal song dedication
3) Choose which new song off his forthcoming album Woodkid will debut in Paris

Not too shabs.

Now, to make all this happen for you have to write to VICE and tell them exactly why you think you deserve it the mostest and when you’ve done all of that and had it formatted, proof read, spell checked and checked all of the terms and conditions, send it to .

If you can’t make it to Paris, then fear not: the entire show will be streamed live at Noisey.com.

¡Bonne chance amigos!

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The 1234

I’ve heard many things about The 1234 festival. However seeing as I have never actually been there myself, nor shall I be this year, it’s probably unfair for me to say anything.

I’m pretty sure that the people that are there are having a good time, so why rain on their parade?

Anyway, Noisey are hosting a stage there this year, and among those set to grace that stage are The Raveonettes, The Black Lips and Lydia Lunch.

Not too shabby, eh?

Especially when you factor in that, for a limited time only, you can get yourself into this festival for just seventeen and a half of your English pounds (minus booking fees and all that seriously annoying stuff). But still, only £20.50 with all fees included isn’t that bad.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to go, then how about if I told you dangerdance super-faves Christian AIDS will also be there?

Don’t delay, Padre.

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OMG you guyzz, it’s Friday!

And besides letting us know that yesterday was Thursday and that tomorrow is Saturday, it also marks the launch of Noisey.

This is just one of the many super awesome ways that the Internet can deliver hot and sexy music straight to you.

You may be thinking, “mmm, yah, really? How do I know this is any good?”

Well, numéro uno, they’re doing party and party and yeah at SXSW, whatever that is. I mean, I sure haven’t heard it mentioned 83, 000 times a day on twitter. Deel twee, they are having said party with Ariel Pink, Jeff The Brotherhood and Yuck, to name but 3. And, nummer drei, because I said so.

They sound like 3 pretty convincing reasons to me, but that’s not fair, I was convincing myself, and I can be very persuasive.

Anyhow, enjoy, spread, love and go forth and tell the good news.

Even more about Noisey here.

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